Exposed Wires: The Complexities Of Electrical Installation

Exposed Wires: The Complexities Of Electrical Installation

Why Talk to an Electrician Before Buying an Outdoor Ceiling Fan?

Loretta Hughes

Outdoor ceiling fans help you cool open areas around your home. They work well in patios, pergolas, extensions and outdoor kitchens. 

While you want to choose a fan that will look as good as it works, you should consider talking to an electrician before you choose which fan to buy. Why is this a good idea?

Get Advice on Fan Sizing  

An appropriately-sized outdoor fan will move enough air around your space to cool all of it. However, at this stage, you might not know which size of fan to choose.

If a fan is too small for your outdoor space, then you won't get the overall cooling effect you want. If it is too big, then it might cool too hard. It might look too bulky. You'll also waste money on a larger model that does more than you need.

An electrician can help you work out how much cooling you need in your outdoor area. They can assess the size of the space and the airflow in it. They have the experience to help you choose a fan that will cool the space as efficiently as possible.

Get Advice on Fan Safety

Outdoor ceiling fans live in potentially challenging environments. While your fan might not sit directly in the open, it might be exposed to some wind, rain and moisture.

So, you can't buy an interior fan and mount it outside. You need to buy a product with an outdoor safety rating.

Typically, these fans have sealed internal units so that water or moisture can't get into your electrics. You should also choose a fan made from materials that can withstand weather damage. For example, if you buy a metal fan, you need to be sure that the fan won't rust and allow water inside.

Your electrician can check your shortlist to make sure that you are looking at products that are suitable for outdoor use. They can help you choose materials that help keep the unit safe and in good condition.

Get Installation Advice

If you want to mount a fan on a ceiling, then you need to work out how the fan affects your current wiring configuration. Your electrician can help you decide where the fan should go and tell you how much electrical work it will take to install it.

Bear in mind, you shouldn't install the fan yourself. If you're hard-wiring the fan, then you have to use a licensed electrician to do this job.

To get started, contact a local electrician and talk to them about the ceiling fans on your shortlist.


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Exposed Wires: The Complexities Of Electrical Installation

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