Exposed Wires: The Complexities Of Electrical Installation

Exposed Wires: The Complexities Of Electrical Installation

3 Common Culprits of Electrical Fires and How an Electrician Can Help

Loretta Hughes

A good number of people don't know much about their electrical system. Perhaps this is the reason why some electrical fire accidents occur. While some fires are due to poor wiring, some are caused by the homeowner's mistakes, either knowingly or unknowingly. An example is when you overload your sockets.

As a homeowner, it is paramount to learn the causes of electrical fires so you can take the necessary preventative measures. Besides, it might be necessary to partner with an electrician to help you with your electric needs. Below are some common issues that lead to electrical fires.

1. Damaged Devices or Outlets

Defective outlets and household appliances can lead to fire accidents. Others are due to defects in the appliance cords or receptacles. If you notice that your appliance cords are damaged, you should talk to an electrician. A fire can easily start if such cords get into contact with the carpets, curtains or flooring.

Some homeowners hide cords under the carpet, which is quite dangerous. You can also get tempted to detach the plug from its cord and use it in a two-prong socket. You might fail to understand that the prong is used on sockets that can manage the huge electrical power needed by some appliances. So taking one out would be endangering your life.

2. Your Light Fixture's Wattage

When purchasing your light bulbs, confirm whether the watt is within the recommended limits. That's because high wattage can lead to overheating of the bulb. In turn, it melts the insulation, leading to a fire accident. A bulb with excess wattage can also damage the fixture or wiring.

Additionally, you should consider the materials used on the lampstands. Some materials may catch fire due to an overheated bulb. Therefore, it is paramount to seek the intervention of an electrician when purchasing your bulbs and lampstands.

3. Faulty Home Wiring

The wiring in your home should be up to date and professionally installed to avoid electrical accidents. An old home is more prone to electrical fires due to aging wiring. Besides, the electrical system might not be stable enough to handle today's electrical equipment like gaming systems, huge TV screens, HVAC systems and microwaves.

Although the circuit breaker protects the system from an overload, old electrical connectors are often inefficient and may easily lead to fires.

You can protect yourself, your family, and your property from electrical fires by choosing the right electrical components and hiring professionals for installation, repairs and maintenance professionals. Therefore, partnering with an electrician ensures you are safe from all electrical accidents.


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Exposed Wires: The Complexities Of Electrical Installation

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