Exposed Wires: The Complexities Of Electrical Installation

Exposed Wires: The Complexities Of Electrical Installation

When to Call a Commercial Electrician to Your Facility

Loretta Hughes

A commercial electrician, or one who specializes in commercial or retail spaces versus residential homes, should be called for a variety of reasons when it comes to upgrading and repairing the wiring and other electrical components in that facility. If you manage or own a commercial space, you may not always think to call a commercial electrician until the power goes out completely. However, note a few times when you want to call a commercial electrician to your facility and why their services may be needed.

1. When you upgrade to much larger appliances

If you have a commercial kitchen and are upgrading the refrigerator or grill or even putting in a new exhaust fan, or if you're upgrading the building's air conditioning, you want to call a commercial electrician. He or she can ensure your facility has the electrical wiring needed to support the increased demand for electricity that often comes with upgraded appliances. You may also want to have circuits rewired so that there is less risk of tripping the circuits and causing a power failure with your new appliances. Rather than just having something delivered and plugging it in, call a commercial electrician first to ensure your space is ready for added electrical demands.

2. When your air conditioner doesn't seem to be working

If you and your staff feel very warm throughout the summer, your facility may need a larger air conditioner or to have it repaired. However, it may also be that the wiring to the air conditioning unit is old and cannot support its demands for electricity, especially if you run a commercial kitchen or other space that also needs more power during summer months. Call a commercial electrician to check the wiring of the air conditioner unit and note if it's able to support the power needed to keep it from slowing down when in use.

3. If you've had a fire or other property damage

It's easy to think that damage from a fire, flood, or other such disaster means cleaning up the drywall and carpeting of your building and not much more, but very often, the electrical systems can be damaged, and you may not realize it. Wires could become bare and frayed from fire damage, or a flood may have caused water damage to connectors. After any type of disaster or such damage to your property, call a commercial electrician to have the wiring inspected and ensure it is in good working order.

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Exposed Wires: The Complexities Of Electrical Installation

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