Exposed Wires: The Complexities Of Electrical Installation

Exposed Wires: The Complexities Of Electrical Installation

Car Alarm Etiquette: How Not to Annoy People around You

Loretta Hughes

The Gold Coast in Queensland is well known for being a tourist paradise thanks to its abundance of theme parks and beautiful beaches, but it is also gaining a reputation for being the number one chop shop spot for stolen car parts. Getting a car alarm installed before the Christmas season makes perfect sense, as retailers are all vying for consumer dollars and prices are very competitive. Once the alarm is installed, however, your responsibility to use it properly is just beginning. There are two main points you must remember once your car alarm is in place.

A Car Alarm Is Not a Car Finder

The shopping centre car parks sure do get busy this time of year, and sometimes it is a little difficult to remember where you parked your car. When you are sick of wandering the rows trying to find it, the overwhelming desire to hit the car alarm panic button as an easy way to locate your vehicle is very tempting. However, do spare a thought for everyone else in the area who has to listen to the siren once you do hit the panic button.

Car alarms are designed to attract attention, which is why they are so loud, but when your vehicle is parked within a concrete parking garage that sound becomes amplified. Please be mindful that even a one-time exposure to a sound which is more than 120 decibels can cause hearing loss. If you can't find your car, get the shopping center management to help you instead. They have golf carts that can be driven methodically through the car park until you locate your vehicle.

Excess Car Alarm Activation Could Lead to Fines

The Queensland police are responsible for following up noise pollution problems that come from cars. If your neighbours get sick of hearing your car alarm on a nightly basis, then they are well within their rights to report you to the police.

A first-time police visit to your home about your new car alarm will likely only result in a warning. But subsequent visits could well result in monetary fines.

Using your car alarm responsibly, and reacting quickly if it does go off, means you will continue to be loved by those around you rather than despised. By all means get a new alarm installed quickly so your precious vehicle does not become another crime statistic, but do your very best to make sure that the only time your alarm is activated is when it truly needs to get your attention.


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Exposed Wires: The Complexities Of Electrical Installation

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