Exposed Wires: The Complexities Of Electrical Installation

Exposed Wires: The Complexities Of Electrical Installation

Residential Lighting: Causes Of Bulb Flickering

Loretta Hughes

The stability of residential bulb fixtures is essential for task illumination and ambient lighting, so it is important to pay attention to any anomalies. The phenomenon of flickering bulbs occurs in most homes and the problem is often dismissed as insignificant. This is true in some cases, for example, when the brief dimming corresponds to instances of stormy weather. If the flickers are frequent and inexplicable, there are underlying issues that should be dealt with in order to restore performance. You can carry out the repairs for simple issues or hire a professional electrician for expert assistance. Here are the main probable causes of bulb flickering in your home:

Loose Lighting Fixture

The simplest issue associated with flickering lights in healthy electrical systems is the looseness of the bulb within the socket. The laxity of the fit can cause current instability as the fixture shifts slightly in position. You can fix this problem by removing the bulb and reinstalling it to ensure a tighter, more secure fit. If this does not remedy the flickering, you should try installing another tested bulb to ascertain that the problem is indeed in the looseness. If this works, you will need to purchase a new bulb for the affected lighting point. It it doesn't work, you may need to hire an electrician to check for damages which may have expanded the bulb's socket. However, continued flickering indicates that the problem is not linked to this cause.

Faulty Switch

The switch controlling the lights could cause flickering if it is damaged or faulty. This is mainly an issue in older homes where the electrical system is worn-out. You can identify this problem by gently jiggling the switch and watching for the induced flickering. If the switch is faulty, you must replace it to restore stability in the lighting. You should also check the screw terminals installed in the light switch to ensure that the connection is good. Ideally, the plug connected to the outlet should be seated perfectly within the groove. If this installed plug is loose, you should remove and reinstall it to create a tighter fit.

Fluctuations Of Voltage

The light bulbs may flicker when high wattage household appliances are turned on. This happens when these fixtures are connected to the same branch circuit and the lighting is the primary appliance. Typically, the flicker is intermittent and harmless. If you notice prolonged and pronounced flickering or unnatural levels of brightness due to these fluctuations, there are serious issues in the circuit connections. It is advisable to hire an electrician for further assessment and resolution.

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